How to Sideload Documents to Your Kindle Fire HD - dummies

How to Sideload Documents to Your Kindle Fire HD

By Nancy C. Muir

One way to get a document onto your Kindle Fire HD is to sideload, or transfer, it from your PC or Mac by using the Micro USB cable that comes with Kindle Fire HD. To sideload documents to your Kindle Fire HD, grab the Micro USB cable and then follow these steps:

1Attach the Micro USB end of the cable to your Kindle Fire HD and attach the USB end of the cable to your computer.

Your Kindle Fire HD will appear as a drive in Windows Explorer on a Windows computer or the Mac Finder on a Mac.

2Click the appropriate choice to open and view files on the drive that appears.

Your Kindle Fire HD appears like an external drive on your computer when attached using a Micro USB cable.

3Double-click the Internal Storage folder and then click and drag files from your hard drive to the Docs folder in the Kindle Fire HD window.

You can also copy and paste documents from one drive to the other. Drag documents to the Documents folder, pictures to the Photos folder, audio files to the Music folder, and so on.

4Tap the Disconnect button on your Kindle Fire HD to safely eject the Kindle Fire HD from your computer.

You can now unplug the Micro USB cord from your Kindle Fire HD and computer.

Docs are only stored on your Kindle Fire HD, not backed up to the Amazon Cloud. If you want to back up documents, use the Micro USB cable to copy them back to your computer.