How to Set Up Profiles on Your Fire Tablet - dummies

How to Set Up Profiles on Your Fire Tablet

By Nancy C. Muir

The ability to set up Profiles, new with the 2014 Fire tablets, means that you can devise a specific Fire experience for up to six people with unique access to content, the built-in cameras, and other settings. You can create up to two adult profiles and four children’s profiles and manage each child’s permissions.

When you set up a profile, you add a person to your Household. Members of your Household can use the content sharing features of Family Library.

To set up a new adult profile, follow these steps:

  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen and tap Settings.

    The Settings screen appears.

  2. Tap Profiles & Family Library.

    If requested enter your password. All existing profiles are listed on this screen and tap Submit.

  3. Tap Add Adult.


    A message appears asking you to pass the tablet to the person you want to add.

  4. The person being added should select whether he has his own account, or if he needs to create an account to use for this profile.

    The rest of these steps assume the person has an Amazon account; if not, just choose the option that the person needs to create an account and follow prompts to create the profile.

  5. Tap Continue.

  6. The new user should enter an email address and password for the account.

    On the next screen, that person is asked if he wants to share purchases.


  7. The person should tap the items he wants to share, and then tap Continue.

    Fire prompts the new user to hand the device back to its owner.

  8. Tap Continue.

  9. On the following screen, choose Enable Content Sharing, and tap Continue.

  10. On the following screen, tap the items to share and then tap Continue.

    The confirmation screen appears.

  11. Tap OK to finish the setup.

To create a child’s profile is a bit simpler, though after you do, you have more settings available to control that child’s online experience. To create a child profile, follow these steps:

  1. From the Profiles & Family Library, tap Add Child.

  2. Enter a name, and then use the next two drop-down lists to choose the child’s gender and birthdate.

    These settings will come into play to manage available content if your child uses the FreeTime Unlimited feature, covered in the next task.

  3. You can also tap the Set Photo picture placeholder and choose a provided image or tap Use a Photo to select a photo stored on your Fire tablet.

  4. Tap Create Profile.

    You’re presented with a list of apps that you own that would be age appropriate for the profile you just created.

  5. Tap titles you want available to your child, and then tap Done.

After you set up some profiles, you can sign into one from the Lock screen. Tap the owner’s profile in the top-left corner, tap the individual profile you want to sign on with, and then swipe the arrow on the right side to log in as that person.