How to Navigate Your Kindle Fire HD's Touchscreen - dummies

How to Navigate Your Kindle Fire HD’s Touchscreen

By Nancy C. Muir

As you work through the setup screens for your Kindle Fire HD, it will help if you to get to know the basics of navigating the touchscreen — especially if you’ve never used a touchscreen before:

  • Swipe down from the status bar at the top of the Home screen to display Quick Settings; swipe up to hide the Quick Settings.

  • Tap an item to select it or double-tap an item (such as an app) to open it.

  • If your Kindle Fire HD goes to a lock screen after a period of inactivity, swipe the Unlock button from right to left to go to the Home screen. You can also swipe the Special Offers button from left to right to see details about the latest Amazon offer displayed there.

    When you reach the ad screen, tap the Home button (the one shaped like a little house) to go to the Home screen.


  • Double-tap the screen to enlarge text and double-tap again to return the text to its original size. Note: This works only in certain locations, such as when displaying a web page in the Silk browser. Double-tapping in some other locations, such as when reading a book or viewing a video, will display tools.

  • Place your fingers apart on a screen and pinch them together to zoom out on the current view; place your fingers together on the screen and then move them apart (unpinch) to enlarge the view.

  • Swipe left to move to the next page in apps such as the e-reader or the Silk web browser. Swipe to the right to move to the previous page.

  • Swipe up and down to scroll up and down a web page.

These touchscreen gestures will help you get around most of the content and setup screens you encounter in Kindle Fire HD.