How to Change Automatic Backup Settings on Your Kindle

It’s not surprising that your Kindle is synchronized with If you subscribe to a daily newspaper or blog, for instance, it needs to be downloaded automatically to your Kindle, and that’s accomplished through the record of subscriptions and downloaded content on the Manage Your Kindle page.

It might surprise you, though, to find out that other content you create is sent to This includes a record of the last location you read in your content, any bookmarks that you create with the Basic Web browser, and notes you create while you’re reading content. There isn’t any secret reason for this: Amazon says the information is synchronized and stored on the Manage Your Kindle page so it can be automatically backed up if needed. If you lose your Kindle or it’s damaged and needs to be replaced, the fact that all your notes and other content can be restored in a matter of seconds probably seems like a good thing.

But the fact that the notes you write are sent to Amazon from your Kindle seems like an invasion of privacy to some users. If you want, you can disable the Automatic Backup feature for your annotations and your last location read:

  1. Press the Home button.

    Your Home screen appears.

  2. Press the Menu button.

  3. Use the five-way controller to underline Settings, and then click.

    Your Kindle’s Settings are displayed.

  4. Press the Menu button again.

  5. Use the five-way controller to underline Disable Annotations Backup and then click.

    Disable the Kindle's automatic backups of annotations.
    Disable the Kindle’s automatic backups of annotations.

Disabling automatic backup in this case doesn’t mean you can’t restore your content from the Manage Your Kindle page. It just means your annotations aren’t backed up automatically and the last location you read on your content is no longer saved.

If you ever get a new Kindle or anticipate having to restore your content, make sure you enable Automatic Backup.