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How to Buy Music for Your Kindle Fire

You may hate computer games, you might not read books very often, but you probably will like some kind of music for your Kindle Fire. No matter what kind of music you prefer, from hip-hop to Broadway, you’re likely to find a great many selections tucked away in Amazon’s vaults.

Tap the Music button on the Kindle Fire Home screen and then tap the Store button. At the top of the Store screen, you see the following tabs: Featured, Bestsellers, New Releases, and Genres. Tap one of these tabs to get a list of items in that category. You can also tap the Albums or Songs tabs to view music by these criteria.


Below these tabs on the Music Store home page, you’ll see thumbnails of music selections.

Follow these steps to buy music:

  1. Tap an item.

    A screen appears, displaying a list of the songs in the case of an album with Price buttons for both the entire album and each individual song.

  2. Tap the arrow button to the left of a song to play a preview of it.

  3. Tap a Price button.

    The button label changes from the price of the item to the word Buy.

  4. Tap the Buy button.

    The song or album downloads to your Music library. A confirmation dialog box opens, displaying a Go to Your Library button and a Continue Shopping button.


  5. Tap the Go to Your Library button to open the album and display the list of songs.

    The album is now stored both in your Music library and the Cloud; if you tap on a song to play it, it’ll also appear with recently accessed content in the Carousel.

    If you tap the Continue Shopping button, you can later find the album in your Music library.