How to Buy Apps from Your Kindle Fire HDX with Amazon Coins

By Nancy C. Muir

You can use your Amazon account payment option to buy apps, or you can use Amazon Coins, a new feature that lets you buy apps and games with prepaid credits. When you use Coins, you can get savings in prices — as much as 10 percent. At the time of this writing, when you buy a new Kindle Fire, it comes with 500 coins, which is about $5 in real money.

Whether you find something you want to own by browsing or searching, when you’re ready to buy, you can follow these steps:

  1. From the app’s Product Info screen (see the preceding section), tap the Price button.

    Note that if the app is free, this button reads Free, but if you have to pay for the app, the app price (such as $0.99) and the number of corresponding coins is displayed on the button. When you tap the button for a paid item, a dialog box appears with a link to Buy More coins or purchase (see the following figure).

    Tap Buy App or Get App to make the app your own.
    Tap Buy App or Get App to make the app your own.
  2. Tap the Get App button to download paid or free apps to your Kindle Fire HDX.

    A Downloading button appears, showing the download progress. When the installation is complete, an Open button appears.

  3. If you want to use the app immediately, tap the Open button.

To use the app at any time, locate it in the App library or, if you’ve used it recently, on the Carousel; tap the app to open it.