How the Kindle DX Compares to the Kindle 2 - dummies

How the Kindle DX Compares to the Kindle 2

If you’re already familiar with the Kindle 2 and want to know what’s new and different with the Kindle DX, this quick overview shows you what upgrades are built into the Kindle DX:

  • Bigger screen: The obvious difference is that the Kindle DX screen measures 9.7 inches diagonally compared with the 6-inch diagonal screen of the Kindle 2. That’s what makes the Kindle DX “deluxe” (presumably, what DX stands for).

  • Heavier: The Kindle DX is substantially heavier than previous Kindles, weighing in at 18.9 ounces (just over a pound) compared with 10.2 ounces for the Kindle 2.

  • Higher price: At this writing, the Kindle DX costs $489, while the Kindle 2 has been reduced to $259.

  • Bigger keyboard: The keyboard has been stretched horizontally, but oddly, it has only four rows of keys. You have to hold down Alt while pressing the upper row of keys to type numbers. However, the spacebar is bigger on the DX than on the Kindle 2.

  • No buttons on the left: The Kindle DX has no buttons on the left side of the screen, which definitely makes the DX harder to use for left-handers than the Kindle 2.

  • More memory: The Kindle DX has 4GB of internal memory, compared with 2GB for the Kindle 2.

  • Automatic display rotation: When you turn the Kindle DX sideways, you can automatically view documents horizontally. Similarly, when you turn the Kindle DX upside down — to, for example, move the Next Page button to the other side — the text rotates to display the text right-side-up.

    The Kindle DX rotates the text automatically when you turn it.
    The Kindle DX rotates the text automatically when you turn it.

Not everything is different between the Kindle 2 and Kindle DX. Here are some of the things that both versions have in common:

  • Support for PDF: The latest versions of the Kindle all support the display of documents that have been saved in Adobe’s popular Portable Document Format (PDF).

  • Battery life: The batteries of both versions are rated for one week of reading with the wireless signal turned on and two weeks with wireless turned off. Some have reported, though, that the Kindle DX battery seems to last longer than the regular Kindle 2 battery.

  • Thickness: So far, all Kindles are just over 1/3 inch thick — about the same as a magazine.

  • 3G Wireless Access: Both the Kindle 2 and Kindle DX offer 3G wireless access not only to the Kindle Store, but also to the Internet as a whole (albeit with many graphical limitations), without any access fees.