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Graphically Entertaining Games for Kindle Fire

Having access to games on your Kindle Fire helps you while away time. These games provide hours of fun and create the core of your Kindle Fire gaming library.

Cut the Rope game app for Kindle Fire

This is a very addictive game offered for $0.99 from Zepto Lab. The whole idea is that there’s this monster you have to feed candy (don’t ask why). The candy swings on ropes, and you have to figure out how to cut the rope so the candy whacks into various star-shaped objects, exploding them, and eventually ends up in the monster’s mouth.


Along the way, you encounter various devices, such as little air blowers that help you manipulate items on the screen and achieve your goals. Of course, you’ll want to turn off the annoying music and little sounds that seem to come from the candy. In the Menu setting on the Options bar, tap the little speaker to mute the sound.

Plants vs. Zombies game app for Kindle Fire

If you’re somebody who worries about zombies attacking your home, this game will appeal to you. Available for $2.99 from PopCap Games, Inc., Plants vs. Zombies offers a phalanx of zombies who wait on the street outside your house.

You get to put plants in your front lawn to spit little seeds to cut down the zombies as they approach. You have to tap small suns that appear to grow new plants that you can then place on your lawn to defeat yet more attacks.


As you proceed through levels of the game, you get additional items, such as sunflowers, walnuts, and berries, that you can use in your attempts to thwart the zombies.

Fruit Ninja game app for Kindle Fire

This game, offered for $0.99 from HalfBrick Studios, combines the concept of a ninja warrior and fresh fruit. Essentially, pieces of fruit are thrown up on the screen, and you use your finger to swipe across them, cutting them in half.

The trick is that occasionally a bomb gets thrown up with the fruit and you have to be quick enough to not swipe at the bomb; otherwise, you blow it up and end the game.


If bombs aren’t your thing, you can play the Zen mode, where you’re merely slicing up fruit with no bombs involved.

Quell game app for Kindle Fire

Quell, which is available for $0.99 from Fallen Tree Games, is a peaceful afternoon in the park compared to some of the other games listed here. It doesn’t involve bombs or zombies. Instead, you get a playing board with a small raindrop on it. You can move the raindrop up or down a row to collect the pearly objects in its path while peaceful oriental music plays in the background.

The trick is that you have to figure out how to get the raindrop to hit objects not already in its path. Sometimes, you have to shift the raindrop from one side of the board to the other, move up, then over, then down, and so on until you’re in line with the object you want to hit.


As you proceed through levels, you get new challenges that require some brain power.

Airport Mania Free game app for Kindle Fire

Imagine you’re an air traffic controller. Airport Mania Free is offered for free from Amazon Digital Services. You sit in front of your Kindle Fire screen, allowing incoming planes to land, taxi to the terminal, let passengers off, move to a holding area, and take off again. Sounds easy, right?

It is until you have five or six planes coming in and out. Then, it becomes seriously like rubbing your stomach while patting your head as a tornado approaches. But give it a try. Nothing really crashes and nobody dies, so what can you lose?


One nice option in this game is the ability to turn the annoying music off but leave the cool sound effects on.

Angry Birds (Ad Free) game app for Kindle Fire

For anybody into game apps, Angry Birds is no stranger. This new classic is offered for $0.99 from Rovio. If you’ve never played this classic game, your time has come.

There is some backstory here: The pigs absconded with some baby birds, and now the birds are out for revenge. The game consists of pigs hidden in odd structures and birds that you launch using a slingshot to topple the structure and bump off the pigs.


The beauty of this game is that it really does require some skill to figure out exactly where to hit a structure to make it topple and to determine how to use the different types of birds (from bomb birds to boomerang birds) to best effect.