Getting and Viewing Photos on Your Kindle Fire HDX

By Nancy C. Muir

When you first open the Photos app, you are offered a series of three screens that let you sync photos from your mobile phone, computer, and Facebook to your Kindle Fire HDX with the touch of a button (see the following figure).

When you first open Photos, you are given an easy way to port content.
When you first open Photos, you are given an easy way to port content.

If, at setup time, you didn’t download some photos you need, you may want to get photos onto the device at a later time by saving an image from the Internet using your Silk browser, or by copying them from your computer using your micro USB cable. Using this procedure, you can copy photos into the Pictures folder on your Kindle Fire HDX by using Windows Explorer or the Mac Finder.

After you load photos into your Pictures library and disconnect the micro USB cable, you can tap the Photos app listed alongside other libraries on the Home screen. This app displays an album that represents the folder you copied to your Kindle Fire HDX (see the following figure) and other albums for other sources, such as for downloads and screenshots. If you copy another folder of photos, it will come over as a separate album. Photos in albums are organized chronologically by the date you placed them on your Kindle Fire HDX.

Photo albums in the Gallery.
Photo albums in the Gallery.

There are three main actions you can perform to view pictures:

  • Tap an album to open it and view the pictures within it.

  • Tap a picture to make it appear full screen.

  • Swipe left or right to move through pictures in an album.

You can also tap the EMail button in the Share menu while in Photos to e-mail the displayed photo or post it to Facebook or Twitter. In the e-mail message that appears when you tap Email with the photo already attached, enter an address, subject, and a message (optional), and then tap the Send button.