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Get Help with Mayday on Your Fire Tablet

By Nancy C. Muir

The hottest help feature in your Fire tablet is Mayday, which provides a live support person who can walk you through a solution to your problem, take control of your screen and make changes or settings for you, or draw on your screen to show you what to do. Mayday is only available for the 8.9-inch tablet; those devices include a Mayday option when you tap Help in Quick Settings.

The technical advisor can’t see you, though you can see him or her in a small window on your screen.


You can pause the Mayday transmission if you need to type in a password so the support person can’t see your screen when you do (or mute sound so you can talk with a friend). Both you and the support person have the ability to drag the small window containing his or her image around your screen so that you can see whatever you need to work with on the screen.

Mayday is available 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. Tap the Help button in Quick Settings and then tap the Connect button that appears to connect to a Mayday associate. It usually takes about 15 seconds for somebody to appear.


If that person can’t answer your question, he or she may put you on hold while checking with somebody else for an answer or testing the feature. In one case the person actually contacted somebody on Amazon’s app team to figure out a solution.

Currently there is no time limit to how long you can stay on a Mayday call nor how many calls you can make. However, it remains to be seen whether Amazon can keep up with that level of support, and how many people might abuse the system to bend somebody’s ear or test Amazon’s patience.

If you have a smaller Fire tablet, what you’ll see in Quick Settings is Help instead of Mayday. When you tap Help, you get four options:

  • Wireless takes you to Wireless settings to troubleshoot a wireless connection.

  • User Guide opens the Fire User Guide for text guidance to using the tablet.

  • Phone & Email lets you tap Customer Service to connect via email or phone, or provide feedback to Amazon. Note that if you select Phone you see a form where you can enter your phone number so that Amazon can call you.

  • Tutorials gives you access to the tutorials that you were offered when you first set up your Fire tablet. You can access them by tapping Tutorials and then choosing between Home Carousel, Favorites & Quick Settings, and Library Cloud/Device Toggle.