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Firing Up Kindle’s Basic Web Browser

Think of Kindle’s Basic Web as a slimmed-down, stripped-down version of full-featured Web browsers. Basic Web does the basics: it connects to Web sites, lets you click links, and displays images. However, it doesn’t show color, it can’t execute Flash presentations or Java applets, and it doesn’t do streaming audio or video. But it’s an excellent tool for looking up information or checking e-mail when you can’t get online any other way.

You don’t always have to manually start Basic Web. If you click a link from within content you’re reading, such as a blog or newspaper, the browser automatically starts up and goes to the link’s destination. Or if you search for a word or phrase and click Search Google, Search Wikipedia, or Go to Web from the menu at the bottom of the screen, Basic Web opens and displays information related to the term you’re looking for.

If you do need to manually start up Basic Web, follow these steps:

  1. Press the Home button.

  2. Press the Menu button.

  3. Move the five-way controller down until Experimental is underlined and then click.

  4. Move the controller down until Basic Web is underlined and then click.

The Bookmarks page appears, as shown in the following figure. These aren’t just bookmarks to pages Amazon thinks you’ll want to visit; they’re also pages that have been formatted so that they’ll look good on the Kindle. To that end, the pages have few images and the content is presented in a simplified format.


When this article was written, was not charging in the U.S. for access to the Web through Whispernet. It seems too good to be true, and indeed, Amazon may charge for Web access in the future.