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Find Free E-Books to Read on Your Kindle

A growing number of sources offer free e-books in a Kindle-friendly format. is far from the only place where you can find e-books for you Kindle, although it is the best-stocked e-book store with more than 360,000 titles as of this writing.

If you do purchase Kindle books from a non-Amazon site, you might well find that they aren’t formatted as well as Amazon’s books. But because some of these books are free, you might decide that it’s a good trade-off. Check out these other sources for books that are ready for downloading and reading on your Kindle:

  • Project Gutenberg: The e-books at Project Gutenberg are all in the public domain, so they can be copied freely. If you’re looking for texts from the early twentieth century or earlier, start here.

  • You find classic texts here that are copyright-free, such as the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. You also find new fiction by emerging authors. All the texts offered on the site are free to U.S. users. Many are in Kindle format; others are formatted for the iPhone and will work well on the Kindle, too.

  • MobileRead: Go to the user forums, where individuals upload files in the Mobipocket format that you can download and read on the Kindle.

  • Feedbooks: This site is especially good for classic books of the nineteenth century that are in the public domain.

  • FreeTechBooks: Writers and publishers (including the one that owns would prefer that you pay for your computer books, but we would be remiss if we didn’t mention this site, which includes free textbooks on computer science and programming that can be very expensive if you purchase them in hardcover versions.

  • Google Books: This site is a competitor to the Kindle because it provides the full text or excerpts of many books online. You will find some books in Mobi format, which you can read on the Kindle.