Explore the Music Library on Your Kindle Fire - dummies

Explore the Music Library on Your Kindle Fire

All your music on your Kindle Fire is stored in the Music library, which you display by tapping the Music button on the Kindle Fire Home screen. The currently playing or last played song and playback controls are located at the bottom of the screen.


The library is organized by Playlists, Artists, Albums, and Songs. Tap on any of these tabs to display the associated content.


At the bottom of the screen, in the Options bar, is a Back arrow to move you back one screen in the library, the Menu icon, and a Search icon to help you find pieces of music.

If you tap the Menu button, you see four additional options:

  • Downloads: Tap Downloads to see items in the process of downloading, as well as completed downloads.

  • Settings: When you tap Menu on the Options bar and then tap Settings, you see several settings, including:

    • Enter a Claim Code. This setting is used to credit an Amazon store gift card or promotional code to your account to be applied to purchases.

    • Clear Cache. This clears any data that has been stored to speed up future music downloads.

    • Lock-Screen Controls. Locks playback tools on screen while content is playing.

    • Enable Equalizer Mode. Tap this to turn on this mode, controlled with the next setting.

    • Equalizer Mode. Tap this to choose the best settings for the style of music you typically play, such as Classical, Folk, or Jazz.

    • Delivery Preference. Choose your preferred setting: having purchases saved to the Amazon Cloud or to your device.

    • Automatic Downloads. This setting allows you to choose to automatically download selections to your Kindle Fire whenever you save them to the Amazon Cloud.

    • Refresh Cloud Drive. Your Music library usually downloads the latest content stored to the Amazon Cloud automatically every ten minutes; if you want to get your music sooner, tapping this button initiates a download manually.

  • Clear Queue or Now Playing: This setting will change depending on whether you’re displaying the currently playing music. From the list of songs in an album, tap Now Playing to display the currently playing music full screen with music playback controls.

    If you are displaying the full screen of the currently playing music, tap the Clear Queue command to stop the music and go back to the Music library home screen.

  • Help: Tap Help to get more information about using the Music app.


When you tap the Search button on the Options bar, you bring up a search field. Tap in the field and enter the title of a piece of music or a performer, and then tap Search on the onscreen keyboard. Kindle Fire displays results on each of the tabs in the Music library that match the search term(s).