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Display & Sounds Settings on Your Fire Tablet

By Nancy C. Muir

With a tablet that’s so media-centric, accessing music and video, as well as games that you can play with their accompanying screeches and sounds, it’s important that you know how to control the volume on your Fire tablet.

If you tap Display & Sounds in Settings, you can use a volume slider to increase or decrease the volume, as well as a slider you can adjust to dim or enhance the screen’s brightness (dimmer to the left, brighter to the right). If you have an 8.9-inch Fire tablet, you also get an Auto-Brightness setting you can turn on to have Fire automatically adjust screen brightness depending on ambient light.


Display & Sounds also allows you to manage your device’s display, adjusting both Display Mirroring and Display Sleep. Here’s what these settings control:

  • Display Mirroring (only available on the 8.9-inch Fire): If you want to have your Fire tablet screen appear on your TV or a monitor, tap this setting to select a device that you can make discoverable (much as you make a cellphone discoverable to your car’s Bluetooth setup). This setting is great for playing games on your Fire while also viewing the game on the larger screen.

  • Display Sleep: After a certain period of inactivity, the Fire tablet screen will lock and go black to save battery power. You can adjust the length of this interval by tapping the arrow in this field and choosing from a list of time intervals that ranges from 30 seconds to one hour.

    You can also choose the option Never if you want your screen to be always on. However, remember that using the Never option will wear down your battery more quickly.

Finally, you can control the size of fonts that appear onscreen (such as library names or Settings) by tapping the + or – symbols on either side of the Font Size field.