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Content Libraries on Your Fire Tablet

By Nancy C. Muir

The Fire tablet is meant to be a device you use to consume media, meaning that you can use it to play/read all kinds of music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, and newspapers. Amazon has built up a huge amount of content, from print to audio books via its subsidiary Audible (more than 22 million) to movies, TV shows, songs, books, magazines, audiobooks, apps, and games.


Count on these numbers to have risen by the time you read this: Amazon continues to rack up deals with media groups such as Fox Broadcasting and PBS to make even more content available on a regular basis.

Tap a library — such as Books, Music, or Videos — on the Fire tablet Home screen, and you can find various kinds of content in the AmazonStore — by tapping the Store button. Tap Newsstand to shop for periodicals and Music to shop for songs and albums; tap Video and you go directly to the Amazon Video Store.


Tap Apps to shop the Amazon Appstore. If you download content, it’s contained in one of these libraries, which have tabs to display content on the device, and you can read or play it even if you’re not connected to the Internet. All the content you purchase is backed up on the Amazon Cloud Drive automatically.

Another form of content that you get for free is the information contained in the IMDb, a database owned by Amazon. This information is used by the X-Ray feature to show you information about actors and characters in videos, song lyrics in music, and characters or other information referenced in books.

When you own a Fire tablet and have a Prime account, you can take advantage of the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library, where you can choose from more than 200,000 books to borrow at no charge for as long as you like. If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you can also get one free book a month for your permanent library.

If you’re concerned about kids who access content over a Fire tablet, check out the limitations you can place using the parental controls or buy them their own Kids Edition of Fire for even more control over their content.