ColorNote Notepad Notes and Handrite Note Apps for Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire doesn’t include a note-taking app, and many users need and want one. Two options are the ColorNote Notepad Notes app available for free from Social & Mobile, Inc., and Handrite Note available for $2.99 from Ben Lee.

ColorNote Notepad Notes app for Kindle Fire

If being able to keep a to-do list warms the cockles of your organized (or disorganized) heart, this is a neat little free app, and it’s very simple to use.

You can keep a simple to-do list or other random notes, and even share information with your friends via e-mail, social networks, or messaging (honey, here’s the shopping list for your evening commute!).

ColorNote allows some nice word-processing-like functions, such as the ability to edit and cross items off lists that are completed.

When you finish an item on your list, check it off.
When you finish an item on your list, check it off.

You can even set up reminders for items in your notes and search for specific content.

If your notes are top secret, consider using the password feature in ColorNote.

Handrite Note app for Kindle Fire

If you miss the feeling of writing notes by hand, instead of typing them on plastic keyboards, this app is for you. It’s simple to use: Tap to create a new note, and then use the spiral-bound pad interface to write words or draw images on the page with your finger. You can change the stroke width and text size for your writing and even use different colors.

Writing on your Kindle Fire screen is very freeing.
Writing on your Kindle Fire screen is very freeing.

When you close the app, your note is saved, but you can press and hold the touchscreen to edit the text you entered. You can also create a label for a note and export it.

The app isn’t fancy; it’s more for jotting down a phone number when you see a flyer about a missing kitten or making a quick note to yourself about what to pick up at the store, but for what it is, it’s darn handy and easy to use.