How to Upload a Picture from Your Android Tablet to Facebook - dummies

How to Upload a Picture from Your Android Tablet to Facebook

One of the many things your Android tablet can do is take pictures. Combine this feature with the Facebook app and you have an all-in-one gizmo designed for sharing the various intimate and private moments of your life with the ogling throngs of the Internet.

The picture posting process starts by touching the Photo icon in the Facebook app. After touching the Photo icon, you have two choices:

  • First, you can select an image from pictures shown on the Photo Selection screen. These are images found on the tablet. Touch an image, or touch several images to select a bunch, and then proceed.

  • Second, you can take a picture by using the tablet’s camera.

If you elect to use the camera to take a picture, touch the Camera icon on the Photo Selection screen. (It’s in the lower left corner.) You then find yourself thrust into Facebook’s camera app. This is not the same app as the Camera app.

Use the onscreen controls to take your picture. Or you can shoot a quick video by touching the Record Video icon. When you’re done, touch the Gallery icon.

To proceed with uploading the image, follow these steps:

  1. Touch an image on the Photo Selection screen to select it.

  2. 2. Tap the image to (optionally) add a tag.

    You can touch someone’s face in the picture and then type their name. Choose from a list of your Facebook friends to apply a name tag to the image.

  3. 3. Use the Rotate button to reorient the image, if necessary.

    The button’s icon is shown in the margin.

  4. 4. Touch the Compose button.

    The Compose button is shown in the margin.

  5. Add a message to the image.

    At this point, posting the image works just like adding a status update.

  6. Touch the Post button.

    The image is posted as soon as it’s transferred over the Internet and digested by Facebook.


The image can be found as part of your status update or news feed, but it’s also saved to Facebook’s Mobile Uploads album.

  • To view your Facebook photo albums, touch the app icon in the upper left corner of the main Facebook screen. Choose your account from the top of the navigation drawer, and then on your account screen, choose the Photos item to view albums and pictures associated with your Facebook account.

  • Facebook appears also on the Share menus you find in various tablet apps. Choose Facebook from the Share menu to send to Facebook whatever it is you’re looking at.