How Seniors Can Assign a Photo to an iPhone 4S Contact - dummies

How Seniors Can Assign a Photo to an iPhone 4S Contact

You can assign a photo to an iPhone 4S Contact. The photo then will appear every time you access that Contact or when you receive a call from that Contact, which makes it easy to identify frequent callers at a glance.

1With Contacts open, tap a contact to whose record you want to add a photo. Tap the Edit button.

An Info page appears.

2Tap Add Photo.

A dialog box appears.

3Tap Choose Photo to choose an existing photo in the Photos app’s Camera Roll.

You could also choose Take Photo to take that contact’s photo on the spot.

4In the Photos dialog that appears, choose a source for your photo, such as Camera Roll or Photo Stream.

A photo album appears. While in the Photos dialog, you can modify the photo before saving it to the contact information. You can unpinch to expand the photo and move it around the space to focus on a particular section and then tap the Choose button to use the modified version.

5Tap a photo to select it.

The Move and Scale dialog appears.

6Tap the Choose button to use the photo for this contact. Tap Done to save changes to the contact.

The photo appears on the contact’s Info page.