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How to Have iPhone Speak Auto-Text

iPhone uses the Speak Auto-text feature to tell you whenever text you enter in any iPhone application is autocorrected or capitalized. The Speak Auto-text feature speaks autocorrections and autocapitalizations (two features that you can turn on using Keyboard settings). When you enter text in an app such as Notes or Mail, the app then makes either type of change, while Speak Auto-text lets you know what change was made.

  1. To turn on Speak Auto-text, tap the Settings icon on the Home screen.

  2. Tap General and then scroll down and tap Accessibility.

  3. In the Accessibility pane, tap the Speak Auto-text On/Off button to turn on the feature.


  4. Tap the Home button to leave Settings.

Why would you want iPhone to tell you whenever an autocorrection has been made? If you have vision challenges and you know that you typed ain’t when writing dialogue for a character in your novel, but iPhone corrected it to isn’t, you would want to know.

Similarly, if you type the poet’s name e.e. Cummings and autocapitalization corrects it (incorrectly), you need to know immediately so that you can change it back again!