How to Format E-Mail Text on Your iPhone - dummies

How to Format E-Mail Text on Your iPhone

A feature that comes with iOS 5 on your iPhone is the capability to apply formatting to e-mail text. You can use bold, underline, and italic formats, and indent text using the Quote Level feature.

  1. Tap the text and choose Select or Select All to select a single word or all the words in the e-mail.

    Note that if you select a single word, handles appear that you can drag to add adjacent words to your selection.

  2. Tap the arrow at the far end of the toolbar that appears.

  3. To apply bold, italic, or underline formatting, tap the BIU button.


  4. In the toolbar that appears, tap Bold, Italics, or Underline to apply formatting.


  5. To change the indent level, tap at the beginning of a line and then tap the arrow at the far end of the toolbar. In the toolbar that appears. tap Quote Level.

  6. Tap Increase to indent the text or Decrease to move indented text farther toward the left margin.

To change the minimum size of text in e-mails, use the iPhone Settings. Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and then tap the Minimum Font Size setting. Choose from Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, and Giant in the list that appears.