How to Add Windows Home Server Shared Folders to a Windows 7 Library

By Woody Leonhard

Windows Home Server is a wonderful tool for managing your files over a network. But where you’ll really see the power of WHS is when you add the Windows Home Server shared folders to your Windows 7 libraries.

For example, you can add the Windows Home Server Photos shared folder to your Windows 7 Pictures library, which will give you enhanced access to all the photos on all the computers in the WHS network. It’s a great idea to add the WHS Photos, Music, and Videos folder to your Windows 7 libraries to avoid wasting space with duplicates of the same thing.

1In Windows 7, choose Start→Pictures.

You get an unremarkable — and fairly boring view of the Pictures library.

2In the Pictures library window, to the right of the Includes line, click the link that says 2 Locations. (It might say a different number of locations.)

Windows 7 shows you the Pictures Library Locations dialog box.

3Click the Add button.

Windows presents an Include Folder in Pictures dialog box.

4On the left, click Network→Server. Select the Photos folder and click the Include Folder button.

If you call your WHS server something other than server, click that name on the left.

5Click OK to exit the Pictures Library Locations dialog box.

Suddenly, you can treat all photos on the server as though they were on your Windows 7 computer.