How to Access the Windows Home Server Console in Windows 7

By Woody Leonhard

Once you’ve established a Windows Home Server network and set up the WHS Connector program on a Windows 7 PC, you can easily access the Windows Home Server Console from any PC that’s connected to the server.

Most Windows Home Server computers don’t have a monitor or even a keyboard or a mouse, you usually interact with the server using one of the PCs connected to the server.

  1. Click the up arrow in the notification area.

  2. Double-click the WHS icon, which looks like a white house on a green, yellow, or red background.

    The Windows Home Server sign-on screen appears.

  3. Type the server’s password and press Enter.

    The WHS Console’s main screen appears.

  4. Review the WHS Console screen.

Because the system is automated, proceed with caution before making any changes. You might accidentally turn off a protection you wanted to keep.