How to Switch from a Local to an Existing Microsoft Account in Windows 10

By Peter Weverka

Microsoft offers you a way to sign into your Windows 10 computer without needing to sign in to Microsoft. This alternative option is known as a local account. Follow these steps to sign in with your Microsoft Account when you are currently signed in with your local account.

  1. On the Start screen, select your name in the upper-left corner of the screen and then choose Change Account Settings from the pop-up menu that appears.

    The Accounts screen opens. Your account information appears with Local Account under your name.

    If you don’t see Local Account under your user account name, you’re already signed in with your Microsoft Account.

  2. Select the Sign In with a Microsoft Account Instead link.

    The screen shown below appears. Type the email address of your Microsoft Account (or the phone number associated with the account) and select the Next button.

    local account Windows 10

  3. Enter the password of your Microsoft Account and select the Sign In button.
  4. In the Current Windows Password text box, enter the password of your local account.

    The Accounts screen opens, where you see the user name and email address of your Microsoft account.