Connecting Windows 10 to a New Wireless Internet Network - dummies

Connecting Windows 10 to a New Wireless Internet Network

By Andy Rathbone

Every time you connect to a wireless network, Windows 10 stashes its settings for connecting again the next time you visit. But when you’re visiting a wireless network for the first time, you need to tell your computer that it’s time to connect.

Here are the steps for quick reference:

  1. Turn on your laptop’s wireless adapter if necessary.
    Most adapters stay on continuously unless your computer is in Airplane mode. If so, turn off Airplane mode.


  2. Click your taskbar’s wireless network icon.
    You can reach the taskbar’s wireless network icon even when Tablet mode is turned on.

    Windows lists any wireless networks it finds within range.

  3. Connect to a wireless network by clicking its name and clicking the Connect button.
    At many places, clicking Connect may connect your laptop to the Internet immediately. But if your laptop asks for more information, move to Step 4.

    Never connect to a wireless network listed as an ad hoc connection. Those connections are usually set up in public places by thieves hoping to rip off unsuspecting visitors.

  4. Enter the wireless network’s name and security key/passphrase if asked.
    Some secretive wireless networks don’t broadcast their names, so Windows lists them as Hidden Network. If you spot that name or Windows asks for the network’s security key, track down the network’s owner and ask for the network’s name, known as its SSID (Service Set Identifier) and security key or passphrase to enter here.

When you click the Connect button, Windows announces its success. Be sure to select the check box labeled Connect Automatically. That tells your computer to remember the password and connect automatically the next time you come within range.

If you sign in with a Microsoft account, your Wi‐Fi passwords travel with your account. If you log on to a Wi‐Fi network with your laptop, you can automatically log on with your tablet, as well.