Linux Smart Home Automation Projects - dummies

Linux Smart Home Automation Projects

By Neil Cherry

Part of Linux Smart Homes For Dummies Cheat Sheet

You can use Linux smart home technology to automate any number of processes in your home from turning on lamps to building your own video recorder. The following table lists some of the projects you can do and the materials you need for each:

Project What You Need
Build personal video recorder MythTV software, a spare computer, a sound card, a video card,
an optical drive, and a video capture card
Stream music Twonky Media software, a D-Link DSM-320 or Netgear MP101, and
Have fun with a webcam CamStream software, a webcam such as Logite and a sound cardch
Orbit or QuickCam Pro 4000, a microphone, speakers,
Automate lamps in your home CM11A, a spare serial port, Heyu Software, and X10
Set sprinklers on a timer with X10 wirelessly CM17A, a spare serial port, X10 modules, an RR501 (in the CM18A
kit), and Bottlerocket software
Use MisterHouse and X10 MisterHouse software, a CM11A, and X10 modules