How to Use CDs and DVDs with Linux - dummies

How to Use CDs and DVDs with Linux

By Richard Blum

Part of Linux For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Just because you’re using open-source Linux as your operating system is no reason to think you can’t play CDs or watch DVDs on your computer. To access or remove disks, just follow these procedures:

To access your CDs/DVDs:

  • If you’re in the GUI, the media should be automatically detected.

  • On the command line, start by typing mount /media/cdrom. If this doesn’t work, look in the /media directory. You may need to use /media/cdrecorder, /media/dvdrecorder, or some other variant.

To remove your CDs/DVDs:

  • In the GNOME desktop, right-click the CD icon and select Eject from the context menu. If you’re using the KDE desktop, select the Device Notifier icon in the Panel, then select the CD icon to eject.

  • On the command line, type umount /media/cdrom, or change cdrom to whatever you had to use to mount the item.