Track Songs in iTunes on Your MacBook - dummies

By Mark L. Chambers

Besides organizing your music into Elvis and non-Elvis playlists, iTunes gives you the option to track your music at the song level. Each song that you add to the Music Library has a complete set of information associated with it. iTunes displays this information in the Info dialog, including

  • Name: The name of the song

  • Artist: The name of the artist who performed the song

  • Composer: The name of the astute individual who actually wrote the song

  • Album Artist: The name of the artist responsible for a compilation or tribute album

  • Album: The album where the song appears

  • Grouping: A group type that you assign

  • Year: The year the artist recorded the song

  • BPM: The beats per minute (which indicates the song’s tempo)

  • Track Number: The position of the song on the original album

  • Disc Number: The original disc number in a multi-CD set

  • Comments: A text field that can contain any comments on the song

  • Genre: The classification of the song (such as rock, jazz, or pop)

You can display this information by clicking a song name and pressing Command+I; the fields appear on the Info tab.