The iTunes Library on Your MacBook - dummies

By Mark L. Chambers

After you add a few dozen songs to iTunes on your MacBook, viewing the Library can become a task. Although a master list is nice for some purposes, it becomes as cumbersome as an elephant in a subway tunnel if the list is very long. To help out, iTunes can display your Library in another format, too: namely, browsing mode.

To view the Library in browsing mode, click the View menu and click the Show Browser item, or press the Command+B keyboard shortcut.

The Browse mode of iTunes displays your library in a compact fashion, organizing your tunes into four sections:

  • Genre

  • Artist

  • Album

  • Song Name

Selecting an artist from the Artist list causes iTunes to display that artist’s albums in the Album list. Select an album from the Album list, and iTunes displays that album’s songs in the bottom section of the Browse window. (Those Apple software designers . . . always thinking of you.) You can also switch between sort fields for the Browse window from the View→Column Browser menu item.

After your collection of audio files grows large, you might have trouble locating that Swedish remix version of “I’m Your Boogie Man.” To help you out, iTunes has a built-in Search function. To find a song, type some text into the search field of the main iTunes window.

While you type, iTunes tries to find a selection that matches your search text. The search is quite thorough, showing any matching text from the artist, album, song title, and genre fields in the results.

For example, if you type Electronic into the field, iTunes might return results for the band named Electronic or other tunes that you classified as electronic in the Genre field. Click the magnifying glass at the left side of the Search field to restrict the search even more: by Artists, Albums, Composers, and Songs.

After you spend some time playing songs with iTunes, you might decide that you didn’t really want to add 40 different versions of “Louie Louie” to your Library. To remove a song from the Library, click the song to select it and then press the Delete key on your keyboard.

You can also remove a song from the Library by dragging it to the Trash in your Dock.