Startup Keys: More Power to Your MacBook Keyboard

By Mark L. Chambers

Part of MacBook For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Some keys and keyboard combinations on your MacBook were born for Startup magic — either to get your Apple laptop booted up, help troubleshoot computer problems, or perform other technical tricks within El Capitan.

Key Effect on Your Mac
C Boots from the CD or DVD that’s loaded in your optical
drive (if you have one) or a bootable USB flash drive
Media Eject Ejects the CD or DVD in your optical drive (if you have
Option Displays a system boot menu allowing you to choose the
operating system and/or volume
Shift Runs your MacBook in Safe Mode, preventing your Login Items
from running; runs a directory check
T Starts your laptop in FireWire or Thunderbolt Target Disk
Command+R Boots from the El Capitan Recovery HD
Command+Option+R Boots El Capitan Recovery using your Internet connection
Command+V Show OS X Console messages
Command+S Starts your MacBook in Single User Mode
Command+Option+P+R Resets Parameter RAM (PRAM)