Start a New DVD Project with iDVD on Your MacBook - dummies

Start a New DVD Project with iDVD on Your MacBook

By Mark L. Chambers

When you launch iDVD for the first time on your MacBook (or if you close all iDVD windows), you get the sporty dialog shown here. Take a moment to discover more about these four choices.


Create a new iDVD project on your MacBook

If you choose Create a New Project, iDVD prompts you to type a name for your new DVD project and to set a location where the project files should be saved. By default, the very reasonable choice is your Documents folder.

You also get to choose whether your project will display in a Standard (full-screen) aspect ratio of 4:3 or a Widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9. If you’ve been watching DVD movies for some time, you recognize these two terms.

You’ll probably crave Widescreen format if you have a widescreen TV but both formats will display on both types of televisions, complete with those black bars at the top and bottom (or left and right sides) of the screen.

Click Create, and the iDVD window appears in all its glory.

Open an existing iDVD project on your MacBook

If you’ve used iDVD and had a DVD project open the last time you quit the application, iDVD automatically loads the DVD project you were working on. However, you can open any DVD you’ve created or edited by clicking Open an Existing Project. (To choose a different existing project from the iDVD window, press Command+O or choose File→Open Recent.)

Automate the whole iDVD process on your MacBook

If you’re a fan of click-it-and-forget-it (or are in a hurry), you can throw caution to the wind and allow iDVD to create your latest epic for you! iDVD offers two automated methods of creating a DVD movie disc.

With OneStep, iDVD does almost all of the work automatically by using the media clips and photos that you specify. To allow iDVD to help you create a movie, click the OneStep DVD button on the top-level menu.

If you’ve already opened a project, choose File→OneStep DVD from the application’s menu bar to import clips directly from your FireWire mini-DV camera (note that OneStep DVD is not compatible with USB camcorders). Alternatively, click File→ OneStep DVD from Movie (to select a clip to import from your hard drive). OneStep DVD does not work with camcorders that use a USB connection to your MacBook.

Magic iDVD is the newcomer on the block, and it falls neatly between total automation (with OneStep DVD) and total manual control. Click the Magic iDVD button on the top-level menu. If you’ve already opened a project, you can choose File→Magic iDVD from the menu bar to choose a theme, drop specific movies and specific photos into filmstrips, and choose an audio track.

In contrast to OneStep DVD, you get to preview the finished product. If it’s to your liking, you can choose to either burn the disc directly or create a full-blown iDVD project with the results.