Space Saving with the MacBook - dummies

By Mark L. Chambers

Do you operate in a minimum of space? The MacBook is a good choice for those looking to achieve the smallest footprint possible (that’s a term that technowizards use to describe the amount of space a computer takes up on your desk). The other obvious choices are the iMac and the Mac mini, which are both desktops.

The Mac mini is a computer that takes up very little desktop space — in fact, the mini is about the size of a ham sandwich (with two slices of cheese and a tomato or two). However, it doesn’t include a monitor, keyboard, or mouse, so you have to add those things (with the space they demand).

As a result, the footprint you’re left with is really not much better than a typical PC in a “pizza box” case.

The iMac includes an internal monitor, but it’s a minimum of 21 inches, which increases the footprint of the entire computer. As with the Mac mini, you have to add a keyboard and mouse; however, they’re included with an iMac.

So you’re left with the MacBook, which (in its smallest configuration) takes up about 13 x 9 inches of desk space with its built-in display panel, keyboard, and trackpad. It’s no accident that many corporations now supply laptops to employees as standard equipment — even to those office-bound workers who don’t take business trips. Laptops offer the full computing experience, no matter how small your cubicle!