Search for Files on Your MacBook from the Toolbar - dummies

Search for Files on Your MacBook from the Toolbar

By Mark L. Chambers

Working on your MacBook and need to find a file fast? The default toolbar has just what you need: the Search field, which offers the ability to perform a Spotlight search for a string of text within your files (including both filenames and contents). To locate a file with the Search field, follow these steps:

  1. Click in the Search box on the toolbar and type the text that you want to find.

    It’s the text box on the right with the magnifying glass. If you need to clear the field and start over, click the circular X button, which appears only when text is in the Search field.

    Hey, who needs to press Return? The Finder immediately displays the files with names (or contents) that include the text. Depending on what you entered, you may also see a pop-up menu option to display only those files with names that contain the text you specified, or even specific file types that are related to the search text.


  2. To display the location of a file, click it once. To launch it, double-click the entry.

    Files can also be moved or copied from the Search results list with the standard drag and Option+drag methods.

  3. To perform a new search, click the circular X button and type new text in the Search field.

    To return to your original location in the Finder window, click the Back button on the toolbar.