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Preview Your iDVD Creation on Your MacBook

By Mark L. Chambers

When you click Preview in iDVD on your MacBook, you access the Preview remote control, and the Media pane disappears. Your DVD Menu appears exactly as it will on the finished DVD.


Ah, but appearances aren’t everything: You can also use your DVD Menu! Click the buttons on the remote control to simulate the remote on your DVD player or think outside the box and click a Menu button directly with your mouse pointer. iDVD presents the video clip, runs the slideshow, or jumps to a submenu, just as it will with the completed disc.

This is a great time to test-drive a project before you burn it to disc. To make sure you don’t waste a blank DVD, make certain that everything you expect to happen actually happens. Nothing worse than discovering that Aunt Edna’s slideshow from her Hong Kong trip actually displays your family’s summer trip to the zoo (whoops).

If you made a mistake or something needs tweaking, click the Preview button again, and you’re back to the iDVD window proper, where you can edit or fine-tune your project.

iDVD allows you to save your project as a standard Mac OS X disc image rather than as a simple project file (or a physical DVD) — you can use Apple’s Disk Utility to open and mount the disc image as if it were a burned disc.

If you move the disc image to another Mac with a SuperDrive, you can use Disk Utility to burn it on that machine. To save an iDVD project as a disc image, choose File→Save as Disc Image (or press Command+Shift+R). To save your project as a standard VIDEO_TS folder (suitable for burning with another video-editing or DVD recording application), choose File→Save as VIDEO_TS Folder.

Interested in tweaking settings across your entire project? Perhaps you’d like to reduce the time it takes to create and edit your DVD or switch video modes from NTSC to PAL for a DVD that’s to be sent overseas. If you’d like to view or change the overall settings for your entire DVD, click Project→Project Info to display the Project Info dialog.

Heck, you can even switch aspect ratios or change the project name. Thanks, Apple!