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Online Help for MacBook Troubleshooting

By Mark L. Chambers

Do you feel like you’ve tried every MacBook troubleshooting technique possible? Don’t worry just yet. There is online help available in OS X and on the Apple website as well as local help in your own town.

Local MacBook service, at your Apple Store

In case you need to take in your MacBook for service, an Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider is probably in your area. To find the closest service, launch Safari and visit the Service Locator page on the Apple website. You can search by city and state or zip code. The results are complete with the provider’s mailing address, website address, telephone number, and a map of the location!

Always call your Apple service provider before you lug your (albeit lightweight) laptop all the way to the shop. Make sure that you know your MacBook’s serial number (which you can display in System Information) and which version of OS X you’re using.

The OS X Help Center

Although most OS X owners tend to blow off the Help Center when the troubleshooting gets tough, that’s never the best course of action. Always take a few moments to search the contents of the Help Center — click Help on the Finder menu — to see whether any mention is made of the problem that you’ve encountered.

Apple MacBook Help Online

If you haven’t visited the Apple MacBook Support site yet, you should! You can find

  • The latest patches, updates, and how-to tutorials for the MacBook line

  • MacBook and OS X discussion boards, moderated by Apple

  • Tools for ordering spare parts, checking on your remaining warranty coverage, and searching the Apple knowledge base

  • Do-it-yourself instructions (PDF files) that you can follow to repair or upgrade your MacBook