Mouse Preferences on Your MacBook - dummies

By Mark L. Chambers

On your MacBook, the contents of the Mouse preferences pane of the Hardware section of the System Preferences window depend on whether your MacBook has a USB or wireless Bluetooth mouse installed.

If you haven’t installed a mouse yet, you see a Waiting screen that leads you through the installation process. After you add a mouse, trackball, or other pointing device to your system, you see the settings shown here.


  • Mouse: Drag the Tracking Speed slider to determine how fast the mouse tracks across your Desktop. You can also drag the Double-Click Speed slider to determine how fast you must click your mouse to cause a double-click. Drag the Scrolling Speed slider to specify the rate at which the contents of windows will scroll. Lefties might want to change the primary mouse button for aftermarket pointing devices.

    You can also zoom the display with your Mighty Mouse scroll ball while holding down the key of your choice — a great option for image editing. To install a wireless Bluetooth mouse from this pane, click the Set Up Bluetooth Mouse button, which runs the Bluetooth device Set Up assistant.

  • (Optional) Bluetooth: If you’re using a wireless Bluetooth mouse or keyboard, you can check the battery level on these devices from this pane. You can also specify whether your Bluetooth keyboard or mouse wakes your Mac from sleep mode. If you don’t have a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse, this tab doesn’t appear.