Magic iDVD Offers Control over DVD Creation

By Mark L. Chambers

For those who prefer to make just a few choices and let iDVD do the rest, the Magic iDVD feature from iDVD just plain rocks! However, you can’t import clips directly from your mini-DV camcorder as you can with OneStep DVD; instead, you select one of the following:

  • An iDVD theme

  • Video clips you’ve already created with iMovie or dragged from the Finder (perfect for use with a USB 2.0 DV camcorder)

  • Photos from your iPhoto library or dragged from the Finder

  • Audio from your iTunes playlist or dragged from the Finder

Follow these steps to start the OneStep DVD process:

  1. Click the Magic iDVD button on the iDVD top-level dialog.


  2. Click in the DVD Title box and type a name for your disc (or project).

  3. Click to select a theme from the Theme strip.

  4. Click the Movies tab and drag the desired clips into the Drop Movies Here strip.

  5. To add a slideshow, click the Photos tab and drag the desired photos into the Drop Photos Here strip.

  6. To add audio for your slideshow, click the Audio tab and drag the desired song into the Drop Photos Here strip (a speaker icon appears in the first cell of the strip to indicate that you’ve added a soundtrack).

  7. Click Preview to see a preview of the finished project, complete with remote control. To exit Preview mode, click Exit.

  8. To open the project in its current form in the main iDVD window, click Create Project.

  9. To record your completed project directly to DVD, load a blank DVD, and click Burn.

To return to the iDVD main window at any time, just click the Close button on the Magic iDVD window.