MacBooks Provide Mobility - dummies

By Mark L. Chambers

Many Mac owners just plain need the portability of a MacBook — either they need to run their applications on-site or they’re constantly traveling as part of their career or lifestyle. If you fit into this group, you typically choose a laptop. Students, business travelers, and those who need their applications wherever they are need look no further than a MacBook.

Remember that there are other choices for computing on the go. Don’t forget Apple’s popular iPad, which can run versions of the same apps that a MacBook can run — like Pages and GarageBand — and can automatically share documents from your Mac at home using iCloud. (Naturally, an iPad can’t run every application that a MacBook can run, but it’s worth consideration.)

Alternately, an iPad could remotely control your home Mac with software like VNC. There are other possibilities for mobile computing!

But what about those folks who travel only occasionally, or people who like a change of scenery from time to time (such as downstairs, the backyard, or the library)? Or folks who simply want a computer they can put away easily when it’s not in use?

Although a MacBook is less of a “sure thing” purchase for those who aren’t born nomads, that versatility can still be very tempting! Oh, and don’t forget that you also carry all your data and those all-important applications with you whenever you lug your MacBook from one spot to another.

Therefore, if you feel that you’d prefer to work away from your home (or office or dorm) at least once or twice a week, you should also consider the MacBook alternative.