Look around the iWeb Window on Your MacBook - dummies

Look around the iWeb Window on Your MacBook

By Mark L. Chambers

All of iWeb’s major features and controls fit into a single window on your MacBook, naturally, just as they do in iPhoto and iMovie. (Multiple windows equals confusing.)


The stuff to keep your eye on includes:

  • Toolbar: Located at the bottom of the window, the iWeb toolbar keeps all your major controls one or two clicks away.

  • The iWeb toolbar contains different buttons, depending on the chore you’re handling at the moment.

  • Layout: You need elbow room to build a web page, so the Layout section of the iWeb interface dominates the window. You create and edit your pages in the Layout display and then use it to preview and test-drive your finished site.

  • *Site Organizer: The strip to the left of the layout display is the Site Organizer, which allows you to organize your websites, add new pages to a site, and select an existing page for editing.

Before you get down to business, it’s overview time. You essentially follow three phases to put your new site on the web:

  1. Decide which pages you need.

  2. Create a new site and build those pages.

  3. Publish your site to a web server using FTP.