iPhoto and Your MacBook - dummies

By Mark L. Chambers

What good is a camera without a photo album? iPhoto, Apple’s photography software, serves as a digital photo album. Use it on your MacBook to help you arrange and manage your digital photos with advanced features such as location tagging and facial recognition.

Beyond its functions as a photo album, iPhoto also gives you the ability to touch up your images through cropping, retouching, scaling, rotating, and red-eye reduction (photographically speaking, not morning-after speaking).

Besides offering editing features, iPhoto also works automatically with your digital camera. Simply plug in the camera to your MacBook’s Universal Serial Bus (USB) port, and iPhoto knows it’s there. Need to transfer photos from the camera to your photo album? iPhoto can do that, too.

When you complete a collection of photographs that you find interesting, use iPhoto to help you publish them on the Internet or even to create your very own coffee-table book, custom greeting cards, and full-color calendars. (The latest in high-tech: paper products.)

And for those of you who still want that nifty wallet print to show off at work or a poster to hang on your wall, you can print them with your own printer or order them online through iPhoto. Orders made with iPhoto show up in your mailbox — the U.S. Postal Service physical one outside your domicile — a few days later.