How to Use Finder Tabs on Your MacBook - dummies

How to Use Finder Tabs on Your MacBook

By Mark L. Chambers

With the introduction of Mavericks on your MacBook, OS X now has a powerful new feature you can use to display multiple locations in the same window. Finder Tabs work just like the tabs in Safari (as well as other popular browsers for both Macs and PCs). To open a new tab in a Finder window, you have a wealth of choices:

  • Click the desired location and press ⌘+T.

  • Right-click the location and choose Open in New Tab.

  • Select the location and click the New Tab button (which bears a plus sign) at the right side of the window.

  • Click the Action icon (which bears a gear icon) in any Finder window toolbar, and choose New Tab.

For example, suppose you’re working on an iMovie project. You might create tabs using the Applications item in the Finder window sidebar and a folder named Work that contains your video clips. The location appears as a new tab immediately under the toolbar. You can open as many tabs as you like. To close a tab, hover the cursor over it and click the X button that appears.

So why all the hullaballoo? Think about switching between multiple locations on your Mac instantly, and you start to understand why this crusty old Mac fanatic is so excited! Just click a tab to switch to that location; you can even drag files and folders from tab to tab. You can drag the Finder Tabs themselves to reorder them as you like.

You can also set new folders to open in tabs instead of windows. Just click the Finder menu at the top of the Desktop, choose Preferences, and then select the Open Folders in Tabs Instead of New Windows check box to enable it.