How to Share a Connected Printer from Your MacBook - dummies

How to Share a Connected Printer from Your MacBook

By Mark L. Chambers

Sharing your printer for others to use is one of the best reasons to have a network. Setting up your MacBook to share your printer is very easy under Mac OS X. Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to do:

  1. Open System Preferences.

  2. Click the Sharing icon under the Internet & Wireless section to open the Sharing Preferences pane.

  3. Click the Printer Sharing check box to enable it.

    By default, when you turn on Printer Sharing, Lion automatically shares all the current printers connected to your MacBook. To select which printers can be used for shared printing from the Sharing pane, click the check box next to each printer — select the check box to share that printer, or deselect it to block others from using it.

    (Alternatively, you can click the Print & Scan icon in System Preferences. From this pane, you can also enable and disable sharing of individual printers.)

After Printer Sharing is enabled, follow these steps to connect to that printer from other computers on your network:

  1. Click System Preferences in the Dock.

  2. Click the Print & Scan icon.

  3. Click the Add button (which carries a plus sign).

    If the Add button is disabled, click the padlock icon in the lower-left corner. If Lion prompts you for your Admin user account password, type it and then click Unlock.

    You might be prompted to add a printer automatically when the Printer Setup Utility opens. Click the Add button to begin the addition.

  4. From the Browser window that opens, click the Default button on the toolbar.

  5. Click the shared printer you want to use and then click the Add button.

Already have the Printer Browser open? Then follow the easier path: Clicking the Default toolbar button displays all the available local shared printers. Click the desired printer and then click Add.