How to Print Your MacBook’s Keynote Slides and Notes - dummies

How to Print Your MacBook’s Keynote Slides and Notes

By Mark L. Chambers

If you’re presenting a lengthy Keynote slideshow from your MacBook with plenty of information that you’d like to print so your audience will remember it, nothing beats handouts that include scaled-down images of your slides (and, optionally, your presenter’s notes).

You’re not limited to just paper, though! You can also use Keynote to create an electronic PDF-format document instead of a printed handout, which your audience members can download from your website. Or, if you’re an educator with access to an interactive whiteboard (such as the SMARTBoard), you can use this new technology with Keynote.

To print your slides and notes, follow these steps:

  1. In Keynote, choose File→Print.

    Keynote displays the Print sheet. (Note that some printer-specific features may be different on your screen.)


  2. Click the desired format for printing your slides and notes.

    • To print each slide on a separate page at full size, click Individual Slides.

    • To print each slide on a separate page with the presenter’s notes for that slide, click Slides with Notes.

    • To print the contents of your Slides list in outline view, click Outline.

    • To print a handout with multiple slides per page (and, optionally, with presenter’s notes), click Handout. Click the Slides per Page pop-up menu to specify the number of slides that Keynote should print on each page.

  3. Select the pages to print.

    • To print the entire document, select All.

    • To print a range of selected slides, select the From radio button and enter the starting and ending pages.

  4. (Optional) Set specific options from the Options column.

    You can include elements such as the date, borders around each slide, and the slide number as part of each page of the hard copy.

  5. Click the Print button to send the job to your printer.