How to Navigate with the MacBook Trackpad - dummies

How to Navigate with the MacBook Trackpad

By Mark L. Chambers

As a MacBook owner, the trackpad is your primary navigational tool. You move your finger over the surface of the trackpad, and the pointer follows like an obedient pup. The faster you move your finger, the farther the pointer goes. You click an item by tapping once on the trackpad. It opens, you do your thing, and life is good.

However, you can always customize how your trackpad operates! For example, click the System Preferences icon in the Dock, then click the Trackpad icon. From the Point & Click pane, you can:

  • Enable the Tap to Click check box. Now, when you tap the trackpad quickly, your Mac laptop counts that as a click, and two fast taps act as a double-click.

  • Enable the Secondary Click check box. Suddenly a single tap with two fingers displays the right-click menu.

  • Enable the Three Finger Drag check box. (Sounds like a dance from the1960s, doesn’t it?) By using three fingers, you can drag windows around on your desktop to reposition them.

  • Enable the Look Up check box. Tap your trackpad with three fingers to look up a selected word in the Dictionary.

  • Adjust your tracking speed. Click and drag the Tracking speed slider to speed up or slow down the rate at which your pointer moves.