How to Mark Clips on Your MacBook in iMovie

By Mark L. Chambers

While you’re watching video in the Event/Project Library pane on your MacBook, you may decide that a certain clip has a favorite scene or that another clip has material you don’t want, such as Uncle Ed’s shadow puppets. (Shudder.) iMovie features Favorite and Rejected frames, allowing you to view and use your best camera work (and ignore the worst stuff).

To mark a great video clip as a Favorite, select and right-click a range of frames or the entire clip in the Event/Project Library pane, and then select the Favorite menu item (or press F). To mark clips that are subpar, select the offending clip in the Event/Project Library pane and press Delete (or right-click and choose Reject).

Clips marked as Favorites have a green line on top of the clip, and clips marked as Rejected have a red line.

You can use the Search Filter option to specify which type of marked clips are shown: Click the pop-up menu next to the Search field at the top of the Event/Project Library pane. Your options include displaying all clips, displaying just Favorite clips, hiding Rejected clips, or displaying just Rejected clips.

If you decide that a Rejected clip isn’t so bad after all, or that a Favorite really isn’t your best work, no problem. Unmark any selected Favorite or Rejected scene in the Event/Project Library pane by choosing Mark→ Unrate (or just press U).