How to Listen to an Audio CD on Your MacBook - dummies

How to Listen to an Audio CD on Your MacBook

By Mark L. Chambers

Most MacBook owners want to listen to and record CDs as soon as they start using Lion. By default, Lion uses iTunes to play an audio CD. Take a moment to see how to master the common task of playing an audio CD. Follow these steps:

  1. Load the audio CD into your MacBook’s optical drive. (Remember, MacBook Air owners, you can add an external USB optical drive at any time.)

    A CD volume icon appears on your Desktop, and then Mac OS X automatically loads iTunes and displays its spiffy window.

  2. If you have iTunes set up to start playing by default, it automatically begins playing the disc; however, if you have to manually start the music, click the Play button at the upper left of the iTunes window to begin playing the disc at the beginning. To play an individual track, double-click the track name in the iTunes window.

    iTunes may also ask if you’d like the music from the CD added (or imported) into your iTunes music library. If you’d like to listen to the contents of the CD without having to load the physical disc in the future, feel free to import the CD tracks to your library — as long as the CD is your property, of course!

  3. To adjust the volume from within iTunes, drag the Volume slider to the left or right — it’s to the right of the Play and Fast Forward buttons.

  4. To eject the disc and load another audio CD, press Command+E, click the Eject icon next to the CD entry in the Source list, or click Controls→Eject Disc.

  5. To exit iTunes, press Command+Q.

The first time you run iTunes, you’re asked to configure the program and specify whether Mac OS X should automatically connect to the Internet to download the track titles for the disc you’ve loaded. Accept all the default settings and allow automatic connection. Is simple, no?