How to Grab Internet Storage for Your MacBook - dummies

How to Grab Internet Storage for Your MacBook

By Mark L. Chambers

So how do you actually use iDisk from your MacBook? That’s the simple part! To use iDisk within Mac OS X, just do what comes naturally — it works the same as any other removable volume’s Finder window. You can copy and move files and folders to and from your iDisk, create new subfolders (except in Backup, Library, and Software root folders, which are read-only), and delete whatever you don’t need.

With an existing MobileMe account, iDisk is available automatically. To see how much storage you’re using and to configure access to your Public folder, open System Preferences, click the MobileMe icon, and then click the iDisk button to display the settings.

The iDisk Usage bar graph illustrates how much of your current iDisk territory you’re using.

You can specify the access privilege level for other MobileMe users from this pane as well. Select the Allow Others to Write Files in your Public Folder check box to allow others to save files in your iDisk Public folder. If this check box is disabled, other MobileMe users are not allowed to copy files to your Public folder.

You can also set a password that other MobileMe users must type before they’re allowed access to your Public folder. This is the very definition of A Truly Good Idea, so select the Password-Protect Your Public Folder check box to enable it.

If you’ve already set a password, you can change it by clicking the Set Password button and typing the new word in the Password box. Retype the word in the Confirm box to verify it; then click OK to save the change and return to the MobileMe System Preferences pane.