How to Add Photos to MacBook Numbers Documents

By Mark L. Chambers

Your MacBook gives you several options for customizing your Numbers Documents. For example, you can add photos to give your document an edge. You can choose between two methods of adding a picture within your Pages document:

  • As a floating object: You place the image in a particular spot, and it doesn’t move even if you make changes to the text. To add a floating object, drag an image file from a Finder window and place it at the spot you want within your document.

    Alternatively, you can click the Media button on the toolbar, click Photos, navigate to the location where the file is saved, and click the image thumbnail.

    Note that a floating object (such as a shape or image) can be sent to the background, where text will not wrap around it. To bring back a background object as a regular floating object, click the object to select it, and choose Arrange→Bring to Front.


  • As an inline object: The image flows with the surrounding text as you make layout changes. To add an inline object, hold down the cmd key as you drag an image file from a Finder window and place it where you want within your document.

    You can also click the Media toolbar button and click Photos to display the Media Browser. Navigate to the location where the file is saved, hold down the cmd key, and drag the image thumbnail to the spot where you want it in the document.

To resize an image object, click the image to select it, and then drag one of the selection handles that appear along its border. (The handles look like tiny squares.) The side-selection handles drag only that edge of the frame. The corner-selection handles resize both adjoining edges of the selection frame. Hold down the Shift key to make the vertical and horizontal proportions remain fixed.