How to Add Maps and Backgrounds to Your Movie on the MacBook

By Mark L. Chambers

Your MacBook gives you so many movie-making options. iMovie includes easy-to-use animated maps — think Indiana Jones traveling by airplane from place to place — and static backgrounds that can be used with your titles. To display them, click the Maps & Backgrounds entry in the Content Library (or press cmd+3).

To use an animated map in your movie, follow these steps:

  1. Drag one of the globe or map thumbnails to the Project pane.

  2. After the globe or map is created, select it and click the Adjust button to display the controls above the Viewer.

  3. Click the Map Settings button (which bears a globe icon), and then click the Start Location button (and, optionally, the End Location button) to enter the start and stop points for the animation.

    Type a city or place name to see your choices. (Heck, you can even type in an airport code or decimal coordinates to specify the spot.)

  4. Click Done and watch as iMovie animates your location (or your trip) in seconds!

To add a static background from the browser, drag it to the desired spot within the Project pane.