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How to Add Extra Hard Drive Space to Your MacBook

By Mark L. Chambers

Turn your attention to a popular MacBook upgrade — adding extra hard drive space. With today’s cutting-edge, 3-D games using a couple of gigabytes of space each and Photoshop CS5.5 expanding to a minimum of 2GB, IDC (short for Insidious Data Creep) is a growing problem.

You can save space by deleting those files and folders you don’t need, but what fun is that? To reduce your MacBook’s waistline before you consider adding more room, use Spring Cleaning from Smith Micro Software. It’s a great tool for locating duplicates, removing empty folders, and uninstalling old programs that you no longer use.

And yes, you guessed it; you can even determine how much free space remains on a hard drive from the About This Mac dialog! Click the More Info button and then click the Storage toolbar button to display all your glorious hard drive information.


As a general rule, the following factors indicate that you’re ready to upgrade your hard drive territory:

  • You have less than 20GB of space on your current hard drive.

  • You’ve cleaned all unnecessary files, and your MacBook is still lagging behind in storage.

  • You need to share a large amount of data between computers that aren’t on the same network.