How to Add Charts to MacBook Numbers Documents - dummies

How to Add Charts to MacBook Numbers Documents

By Mark L. Chambers

You just have to see something to believe it, so it can help to use the data you’ve added to a spreadsheet on your MacBook to generate a professional-looking chart. Once you’ve entered the data you want to chart, follow these steps:

  1. Select the adjacent cells you want to chart by dragging the mouse.

    To choose individual cells that aren’t adjacent, you can hold down the cmd key as you click.

  2. Click the Chart button on the Numbers toolbar.

    The Chart button bears the symbol of a bar graph.

    Numbers displays the thumbnail menu. Note that you can display different categories of charts by clicking one of the three tabs at the top (2D/3D/Interactive), and you can scroll the menu to reveal additional thumbnails by using the left- and right-arrow buttons.


  3. Click the thumbnail for the chart type you want.

    Numbers inserts the chart as an object within your spreadsheet so that you can move the chart. You can drag using the handles that appear on the outside of the object box to resize your chart.

    With your chart selected, click the Format toolbar button to display your old friend the Format Drawer, complete with the controls you can use to customize your chart’s appearance. For example, you can change the colors and add (or remove) the title and legend.

  4. To change the default title, click the title box once to select it; click it again to edit the text.